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Words on Justice is an official UTS Law Students’ Society blog for students, by students. We are a community of social justice-minded, passionate law students who hope to use their privileged position to discuss issues of human rights abuse, prejudice and broader social justice concerns.

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Reducing Recidivism with Technology

By Claudia Marrone The term “recidivism” is a unique word that you might have encountered in Criminal Procedure studies or even during some legal work experience. The term ‘recidivism’ is defined in Australia as the ‘rate of re-offending where a prisoner has returned to corrective services with a new correctional sanction within two years [of…

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Gender Dysphoria and the Law

By Sophia Grout Introduction The diagnosis of gender dysphoria among children and young adults is increasing in the modern world. For many, the mismatch between the gender given at birth and their desired gender causes distress, anxiety, and depression. While there are now several medical treatments to help gender dysphoric individuals, medical practices and the…

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Australia’s Welfare Bureaucracy

*An adaptation of Amelia Wilson-Williams’ “Australia’s Modern Welfare Bureaucracy: A Crisis in our ‘Developed’ Nation Targeting the Least Protected”. 17th of June 2022. Submitted during Politics, Power and Resistance unit, studied at Western Sydney University* Systematic discrimination and oppression impacts many, if not all, Indigenous Australians. Discrimination is accentuated arguably through forms of continued governmental…

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